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Viewer: Courtney Brown

Tasker: Denise Burson

Data: Type 3 (solo, viewer blind)

General Target Description: A pipeline explosion along the Trans-Siberia railway destroying two passing passenger trains at Uta, Russia (3 June 1989)

Comments: This target cue has four distinct aspects. As is typical of sessions with numbered aspects, there is some blending across the aspects throughout the session. Current research suggests that the blending may be due to the fact that viewers normally do not remain totally blind (psychically) to the remainder of the target while focusing on one aspect at a time. For this solo session, there were two general descriptions of two potential targets. The actual target specific was not written until after the session was completed. (The tasker was blind as to the session results, of course.) The choice of which general description to use to guide the the tasker in constructing the actual target specific was determined by a random event not controlled by anyone at The Farsight Institute (a lottery outcome). The analyst of this session was given only the general target descriptions of the two potential targets in order to see if the correct target could be identified based on a comparison of the data with two different general descriptions, thereby eliminating any preconceptions the analyst may have regarding the two potential targets. Only one target specific was eventually written (for the correct general description). In this session the viewer correctly identifies much of the environmental components of the correct target (i.e., those typical of Siberia, Russia), but fails to notice the explosion involving the trains.

Target Specific

Target Specific, two general descriptions of target potentials

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