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The Mysteries Project #1: Remote Viewing Mars Life
(Updated 25 June 2010)

This cutting-edge remote-viewing project involves using remote viewing in a controlled and scientific manner to investigate one of the greatest and most important mysteries of all time, intelligent life on Mars. Look at the data, and you decide.

Principal Investigator: Courtney Brown

The original discovery of the image anomaly on Mars that is the focus of this project was made by Patrick Skipper and published on his web site:

Target #1: Location on Mars as specified below

Target 1a: As given in the target photo

Target 1b: Inside the dome shape

Target 1c: Inside the dome shape

Martian Anomaly

Source Photo: MOC narrow-angle image M11-00099, NASA/JPL/Malin Space Science Systems

Source url:

Outside commentary on target photo:

Note that this area of Mars has been censored in Google Earth (Mars option). To see this in Google Earth, click on View>Explore>Mars. Then type in M11/00099 or M11-00099 in the "Fly To" bar. Here is the Google Earth censored image of the target.


Mysteries #1 Sessions (with summary and comments for each session)
Mysteries Analyses A full report is being prepared and will be posted here eventually. Meanwhile, web site visitors should click on "The RV Sessions" link above and examine all of the data for this project. What do you think? Do the remote-viewing data suggests that the spray in Target 1A is artificial, or the result of something artificial? What about the domes (Targets 1B and 1C)? If they are artificial, what do you think is going on there based on what the data suggest? What about the subjects? If there are subjects up there, who are they, why are they there, and what are they doing? Entertain all possibilities, from "this is just plain craziness," to an Earth-origin secret project funded by "black budget" defense dollars, to possible decoding errors on the part of the viewers, to anything else. Don't let your imagination be limited by too rapid a dismissal of unusual ideas.