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Farsight New Viewer 21

Target: Bombing of Pearl Harbor/event (7 December 1941)

Date of Session: 6 August 1996

The target for this session is "Bombing of Pearl Harbor/event (7 December 1941)." It is important to note that all student sessions at the Farsight Institute are conducted under blind conditions. The viewer does not know what the target is until after the session is completed. Soon into the session, the viewer heard noise and smelled something hot and fiery. The tastes associated with the site were salty, briny and bitter. The viewer then drew a sketch showing something exploding in the air, and falling to the ground. The viewer perceived airplanes at the target location, and sensed energy and explosives. The viewer drew a sketch showing some energy or explosion and a ship. There was communication between vehicles at the site.

The viewer sensed that people at the site had the emotions of fear and dismay. There was a vehicle crashing and colliding, and the viewer perceived the motion of waves. The viewer perceived evasive activity, and sensed that someone was planning to escape. The viewer heard a sound like "firecrackers," and smelled hot, smoky fumes. The viewer deducted that it was "like a battle scene." The viewer immediately drew a sketch showing water and mountains (an island) with explosions in the sky and something coming down. (See sketch below.)

The viewer perceived an energy source that was bright, blue and blazing, and sensed water and airplanes at the target location. The viewer perceived that the event was a massive effort.

Show the sketch: