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Farsight New Viewer 18

Target: Neil Armstrong/First Walk on the Moon/event (20 July 1969)

Date of Session: 9 August 1996

The target for this session is "Neil Armstrong/First Walk on the Moon/event." It is important to note that all student sessions at the Farsight Institute are conducted under blind conditions. The viewer does not know what the target is until after the session is completed. Soon into the session, the viewer heard various artificial noises. The temperature associated with the site was cool. The viewer then drew a sketch showing a structure on a surface, and the sun overhead. There were people, mountains, and a structure at the target location. The viewer perceived that the event was patriotic. The emotions at the site were anxiety and anticipation, and there were people involved in activity and partnership. The viewer perceived rocks, dirt, machinery, and vehicles at the site, and sensed that the event was "monumental" and "a first." The viewer then drew a sketch showing three people who were variously related to the target event, and deducted that the target location and event was the first moon walk with Neil Armstrong. The viewer perceived a flag at the site, and people wearing uniforms with insignias. After focusing on the primary target person (i.e. Neil Armstrong), the viewer sensed someone wearing a uniform who was a leader, and tangentially involved with the government. The viewer perceived that the person gave a speech. The target person's emotions were excited, proud, and enthusiastic. The viewer perceived that the target person was guiding, speaking, and "hopping."