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Farsight New Viewer 14

[BACKGROUND: The Soviet Union sent a space probe to Mars that was specifically designed to investigate Phobos, one of the moons of Mars. The name of the probe was "Phobos II." As the probe approached Phobos, its last photograph captured an image that suggested that some lighted object may be approaching the probe. Immediately after transmitting that image, the probe became totally dysfunctional.]

The target for this session was "Phobos II/destruction event." In the beginning of the session, the viewer perceived the sounds of "blasting." (Editor's note: remote viewers can perceive phenomena that appear to be like sounds, even if the phenomena occur in a setting where actual sound waves are impossible, such as in the vacuum of space.) Smells were "hot" and "burning." (Editor's note: remote viewers sometimes perceive certain temperatures as smells.) The viewer did perceive some fast energetics at the target site. The viewer then drew the sketch that is linked below. The sketch of an irregularly shaped object floating in space. The circle on the sketch may represent some sort of antenna, perhaps a dish antenna, that is attached to the object. The viewer then immediately perceived that she was viewing something in space. There was "guided activity" designed by people associated with the object in space. The object was moving fast, and it was apparently rotating to some extent. The viewer the perceived an explosion and "heard" a "banging." The temperatures were then very hot. She then drew a second sketch that is linked below. This sketch shows the original irregularly shaped object in space blowing up.

The Sketch

The Second Sketch