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Farsight New Viewer 11

The target for this session was "Pompeii/volcanic destruction/event." There is no sketch shown in this example, but the verbal descriptions are very rich. In the very beginning of the session, the viewer perceived sounds of voices, crying, and thunder. The viewer perceived the taste of "salty." The emotions at the site were those of "fear, panic, terror, loss, shock, and a sinking feeling." The viewer perceived fire at the site, with many red flames. The viewer then declared that the site felt like that of a natural disaster such as a combination of a landslide and a volcano. There was great surprise and confusion among the people at the site. There was a milling about, and finally a stampede of people. Tremendous grief and pain was felt by the people at the site. The viewer also perceived many subspace beings watching the event. The viewer perceived a land/water interface, with lots of fire and smoke everywhere. Moving to the center of the target, the viewer heard "gasping and coughing." Temperatures were hot, while tastes and smells were smoky and pungent. The viewer then drew a sketch of what appeared to be a landslide with tremendous hot destructive energy flowing downward. The viewer again perceived the emotions of "panic, terror, fear, emptiness, loss." The subspace beings who were watching the event began to get involved, helping the subspace beings of those who physically died. The viewer then declared that this appeared to be similar to "Armageddon, the end of the world…total destruction." In the viewer's own words, "This is a BIG event, the end of an era. There is rubble, destruction, desolation, bodies…all is lost." The viewer looked around and (near the land/water interface) saw water, mud, people, and a mixture of men, women, children, and fundamentally…death. The viewer then declared that this was an "ancient, historic, momentous event." At this point, the viewer…thoroughly bilocated at the target site… stated that she wanted to extract herself from this event ("Get me out of here!"), and the session ended.