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Farsight New Viewer 10

The target for this session was "Adolf Hitler/death/event." There is no sketch shown in this example, but the verbal descriptions are very rich. In the very beginning of the session, the viewer perceived voices and the sounds of machinery. There were smells of smoke in the air. The viewer perceived the target location to be in or near a structure. There was a gathering of some type. Initially, the viewer perceived the emotions of tension at the site. But soon thereafter, the viewer also perceived that there was a conflict, a crowd, and emotions associated with hostility. There was a meeting, and the participants were involved in some planning. There was focused attention at the meeting, even calculation in terms of details relating to some plan. In short, the group at the target site was very attentive. The viewer then sketched a person giving a speech, making a statement to a small audience. The viewer identified this person as the target person, and perceived that the person was a leader giving instructions, in the sense of making preparations. The target person was identified as a male. The person was giving what seemed to the viewer as a fiery sermon. The target person "felt" very strong, in the sense of being a strong leader. The events surrounding this leader related to military warfare and conquest. The viewer executed a deep mind probe of the leader and found his mind focused on the concept of "attack." In the viewer's own words, "This is a very intense person, total focus and concentration. His adrenaline is flowing. This leader is trying to drive his followers into a frenzied state of consciousness." The viewer said the leader was pounding his fists, clenching his teeth, making a long speech. The event that surrounded the leader felt like a "blitzkrieg" of a "great European war." The viewer then followed the target person's subspace aspect (i.e., the soul) after the target event. The viewer found the target person physically dead. His subspace being was floating. He was alone. But the viewer found a class of light, luminous beings elsewhere that were trying to use some type of device, like a "tractor beam" to pull in the target person's subspace being. Then the viewer stated that the physical death of this target person was a consequence of activities of enemy soldiers, although the viewer did not state that the person was directly killed by these soldiers.