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Viewer: Courtney Brown

Tasker: Denise Burson

Data: Type 3 (solo, viewer blind)

General Target Description: The fireball caused by an explosion on the Occidental Petroleum's Piper Alpha oil rig in the North Sea (6 July 1988)

Comments: This target cue has four distinct aspects, most of which are clearly described in the session. As is typical of sessions with numbered aspects, there is some blending across all aspects throughout the session. Current research suggests that the blending may be due to the fact that viewers normally do not remain totally blind (psychically) to the remainder of the target while focusing on one aspect at a time. Note the deductions in this session. The viewer correctly describes much of the target in the data, but deducts ideas relating to a moon landing. (Remember, deductions are not data. Deductions are ideas and conclusions that are removed from the data stream by the viewer.) The deductions follow the parallels between a metal stilt-like moon lander and an oil rig, both being associated in this instance with fiery energetics in a harsh environment. Note also that the view incorrectly decodes the choppy water at the target site with rough land (a common decoding error across many viewers).

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