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Welcome to The Farsight Institute's Newcomer's Guide!

If you are new to this site, and especially if you are new to remote viewing, we have some suggestions on how to become knowledgeable quickly about remote viewing and our activities as an institute. There are many resources available to you at the current time, both on the Internet and in print. Here is what we recommend:

  1. You may have found this newcomer's page by going to our Resources Page from our home page. Begin by looking at many of the available resources listed in the Resources Page. First read our "Mission Statement."
  2. Then click on "Who and What." This will give you a general idea of how we spend our time at The Farsight Institute.
  3. You will certainly want to check out our video corner next. There are numerous video presentations here covering all sorts of things related to remote viewing.
  4. At this point you will probably want to know more about the remote-viewing phenomenon using some free resources. If you want to learn procedures for remote viewing, click on the "The LEARNING CENTER for SRV®." Then read the definition of Scientific Remote Viewing®, and perhaps also some of the vocabulary. There is also a free and comprehensive downloadable audio course in SRV® as well as an online printable text in this section. The audio course and manual constitute a complete description of all of the mechanics involved with the remote-viewing process. Everything is free! Check it out!
  5. You will soon want to see some actual remote-viewing sessions using verifiable targets (that is, targets about which everything is known . . . not esoteric targets). We have conducted many public demonstrations of remote viewing with full scientific controls that you will want to examine closely. We also have a large and growing library of assorted example sessions that have been collected from various viewers/researchers over the years, and they involve lots of interesting targets. To see these, click on "Research" (also found in the resources page). A number of researchers are included here, and you can look at some of their best sessions. Each page of each session is included and unaltered. You can also listen to some sessions using RealAudio (recorded live during the sessions).
  6. Check back often. Our research is on-going, and we will continue to post new material as quickly as we can process it.
  7. Enjoy the educational journey!