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Learning Remote Viewing

The Farsight Institute is a nonprofit research and educational organization, and thus we supply a large quantity of free educational material regarding the process of remote viewing. We also support other nonprofit organizations that engage in research and educational efforts regarding remote viewing. Educational materials supplied on this web site are for remote viewing procedures called "Scientific Remote Viewing®," or "SRV®."

There are two ways that are normally used to learn remote viewing. The approach you choose - or a combination of approaches - depends on your own individual preferences. You have the potential to continue your training to the point of becoming an instructor of remote viewing, should this be your desire.

Approach #1 (Free! Begin today!) With this method, you can download the complete 18 hour intensive Farsight Voyager SRV® audio course. There is also a comprehensive printed text that has explicit instructions on the procedures of Scientific Remote Viewing®. This method is supplemented with lots of other resources as well, such as being able to listen to actual recorded remote-viewing sessions to get a feel of what is actually going on, computer software, lots of printed examples, and much more. All of this is available for free on this web site. Remember, we are a nonprofit research and educational organization! Our purpose is to serve the public!

Approach #2 The best way to learn remote viewing is with a certified personal instructor. First you need to decide which style of remote viewing you want to learn. (Some viewers learn many styles and become RV-multilingual!) We recommend CRV, HRVG, and SRV procedures since we work with these styles in our research. But some other styles of remote viewing are also effective even though we do not list them here. For CRV and HRVG learning opportunities, here is the contact information:

CRV Training: Contact CRVIEWER web site.

HRVG Training: Contact Sita or Dick.

SRV Learning Center