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Predicted Earthquake Event for Los Angeles by 1 December 2008
(Original prediction posted 27 June 2008)

Los Angeles International Airport

The Los Angeles Seismic Event Experiment:
(Updated 10 December 2008)

On 27 June 2008, and based on the remote-viewing data presented below, we predicted a significant earthquake to hit Los Angeles before 1 December 2008. Twelve remote-viewing sessions were used in the analysis. Of the 12, some sessions suggested a seismic event that could be potentially catastrophic. The other remote-viewing sessions did not contain such catastrophic content, but the theme of a significant—although not necessarily catastrophic—seismic event seemed consistent with much of the remaining remote-viewing data. It is not unusual for many remote viewers to occasionally exaggerate the magnitude of such events once they perceive the idea of an earthquake, and it is not possible to fully evaluate the complete collection of remote-viewing data until after the target window is past and the data can be compared with the actual target. In this case, the target window ended on 1 December 2008.

On Tuesday, 29 July 2008, there was a 5.4-5.8 magnitude earthquake in Los Angeles, a significant and unusual seismic event by any measure. This event exactly matches the predicted timing posted here on 27 June 2008 of a significant seismic event in the Los Angeles area. The following graph was included in the original prediction.


Seismic Event Probability LAX

Some thoughts:There were significant unknowns in analyzing these data. One unknown is analytic inexperience at working with earthquake scenarios, and the analyst (in this case, Courtney Brown) may have placed too much emphasis on those data that suggest a major seismic event in Los Angles. Alternate approaches to analysis specific to HRVG and CRV (both of which are much different from each other) would have produced more nuanced predictions.

But consider this: Could these results have been caused by the existence of multiple universes, or an alternate reality in which a major seismic event actually did occur prior to 1 December 2008? We conducted an experiment to test this possibility. The answer is "yes," and the results appear definitive. You will want to understand how this could be. This is not science fiction.

The Data:

Target 25: LAX, 1 December 2008, 12 noon target local time

CRV Sessions

HRVG Sessions

Target 27: LAX, The moment of greatest activity in changing the fundamental character of this target from the way it exists on 19 June 2008 to the way it exists on 1 December 2008.

CRV Sessions

HRVG Sessions