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Target Directional for Farsight Project ____________

I agree to let The Farsight Institute and its researchers use my attached remote-viewing session and any other related material that I contribute to this experiment and project in any way that assists the Institute's research program.
Signed: __________________________ Date: ___________________

Directional Instructions:

Target coordinates: ________________________

Conscious Mind Instructions: Print this page from your web browser. Write your header at the top of the next page, and that page will be page 1 of your session. Put this directional page in front of your session when you submit it to Farsight. Sign your name and enter the date in the spaces provided above. Choose your own target coordinates and enter them in the space provided above. Since this target has three numbered aspects, you will start your session normally, taking the coordinates five times, decoding each with an A, B, C, and D, as is standard for Enhanced SRV. After a few pages of Phase 4 data, perform a modified level-one movement exercise, which includes a cue, an ideogram, the normal decoding of the ideogram from A through D, and then an immediate return to Phase 4. You do not do another Phase 2 and Phase 3 after this level-one cue. Here is the cue for the level-one movement exercise:

From the center of the second numbered aspect for this target, something should be perceivable.

Be sure to substitute the word "third" in the cue for the third level-one cue. Obtain a few pages of new Phase 4 data before moving on to the next level-one cue. Finally, email or fax your session to _________ (FAX: ___-___-____).

Subspace Mind Instructions: The target specific for this session has three numbered aspects. The general parameters for this target are identified by the target's essential cue. Your initial approach to this target is guided by the first numbered aspect of the target specific. Subsequent to this during the session, your perception of the target is structured by the movement exercises to numbered target aspects as specified during the session. Your perception of this target follows the explicit contents of the target specific for this session. Ignore any ideas of any analyst of the data recorded for this session. Perceive the target only as it exists, omitting all tasker and analyst enforced perceptuals.