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Here is are the instructions given to the many who participated in our 1999-2000 demonstration of remote viewing.

Go to our Resource Center and then to the most recent experiment, and download the remote-viewing session transcripts that are encrypted for that week's experiment. The encryption guarantees the validity of the experiment by ensuring that the remote-viewing sessions are true and unaltered throughout the entire experiment. Just click on the transcripts and your web browser will automatically download them (ftp) onto your computer's hard drive. When the target specific is ready, we will post it, plus scans of the original remote-viewing sessions and the passwords that will de-encrypt the transcripts that you downloaded earlier from our web site. We are now supporting both Windows- and Mac-base de-encryption, but Mac users must have PGP installed in their computers. To de-encrypt the session transcripts, simply go to Windows Explorer and double-click the encrypted files (remember, they are on your hard drive, not our web site at this point), and a window will open that will ask you for the respective password. Type this password in and the file will de-encrypt itself and save a copy on your hard drive. You can then read it using Notepad or any word processing program, and you can compare the posted scans of the sessions with the transcripts to ensure that the session scans are true and unaltered.

Once you have both the target specific and the scans of the remote-viewing sessions, compare the data for the posted sessions with the description of the target. Be sure to read our posted discussion of the structure of these target specifics that use three numbered aspects.


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